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Motorsports Income Protection Quotation

Protect yourself from the hardship of lost income due to an accident or illness — plus enjoy the option for additional benefits in this flexible ‘mix n match’ insurance plan

How to use the Quotation Tool

  1. Enter your gross (before tax) annual salary in the field below. The maximum monthly tax-free benefit you can claim will appear in the black band. This amount is set at a maximum of 65% of your gross/tax free income. See our FAQ to learn more.
  2. Enter your age.
  3. Use the slider to get an indication of the monthly premiums you would need to pay to receive the monthly benefit shown in the red circle. You can choose to receive the maximum allowable benefit (as indicated in black band) or less. This quotation is for a ‘back to day 1’ plan. Please enquire about other plans which provide back to week 1/4/8/13/26 & 52 week options with a lower premium.
  4. For a small additional cost you can add Fracture & Hospitalisation Cover (£4/month) and Immediate Death Benefit (£5/month). See below.

Get A Quote Today

Please tell us your gross annual salary, we can cover up to 65% of your monthly pay
Maximum Amount of Monthly Benefit You Qualify For£
Please tell us your age
We can cover up to 65% of your monthly salary
Your Quote£

For A Small Additional Cost You Can Add Either Of These Great Additional Benefits

Fracture & Hospitalisation Cover

Provides A Lump sum Payout of £1,000 in the Event You Suffer A Fracture

£4.00 Per Month

Immediate Death Benefit

Get Extra Cover With A Lump Sum of £5,000 Payable on Death

£5.00 Per Month

Plan Highlights

  • Covers all Sports (Including Motorsports)
  • No Ratings Surcharge for Sports or Hazardous Pursuits
  • Affordable Premiums
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Day 1 Cover Options Available

Got a Question?

  1. Call our freephone on 0800 520 0218 to speak to an experienced Precise Protect Adviser
  2. Out of Hours: Request a Call Back
  3. Read Our Motorsports Income Protection FAQs

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[MONEYWISE MONDAY] Let’s talk about sick pay!

Do you qualify for sick pay if you’re off work due to an accident or illness? What if your employer doesn’t pay up? What if you are self employed?

If you are lucky enough, you may have a contract that gives you more than the statutory minimum sick pay. 😀

Without this ‘contractual sick pay’, you *may* be entitled to statutory sick pay however this is a slim £94.25 per week 😐paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks. #isthisenough

Check this useful article put out by the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and know your rights! bit.ly/sick-pay-entitlement #moneywisemonday

If you are not happy with your sick pay entitlement, talk to us about Income Protection Insurance. Low-cost monthly premiums will provide you with payments if you are off work due to an accident or illness, helping you pay your bills and giving you peace of mind!
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5 days ago

PP Sports Insurance

!!!! Who’s going to bring it home?!! #RWC2019 See MoreSee Less

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7 days ago

PP Sports Insurance

We promised you videos of the PP Sports sponsored barrel racing team in action — and here is rider Tanis smashing in a first for Britain, being the first ever British rider to qualify at the Barrel Racing World Championships! See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

PP Sports Insurance

Wishing the best of luck to the PP Sports sponsored barrel racing Team UK who are competing with the NBHA UK MEMBERS GROUP at the NBHA World Championships in Georgia, USA this week!

Not sure what barrel racing is? We’ll be posting videos over the coming days but it is an exciting rodeo speed event gaining massive popularity in the UK. Congrats to Sharon Miller at Precise Protect for this partnership.
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2 weeks ago

PP Sports Insurance

Congratulations to our Team PP Sports partner Alice Fleming for winning the 75cm Open Horse League Championship at Codham Park Equestrian! 🏆 Well done Alice for having such a successful 2019! See MoreSee Less

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